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The Private Alumni Network for
Syneos Health Consulting
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The Private Alumni Network for Alumni, Students & Faculty
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Re-Connecting you to
Your Alma Mater
About {{currentInstitute.title}} - AlmaConnect
{{currentInstitute.title}} - AlmaConnect is the private alumni network for connecting {{currentInstitute.alumni_text}}, {{currentInstitute.students_text}} & {{currentInstitute.faculty_text}} of {{currentInstitute.name}}. The network is the official alumni network of {{currentInstitute.title}} & is powered by AlmaConnect. It’s a place to deepen your bonds with your community & connect with them in a meaningful way. This network is not affiliated with the {{currentInstitute.name}} and has been initiated by individual alum(s) in a quest to contribute towards strengthening the community. It’s a place to deepen your bonds with your community & connect with them in a meaningful way. All content / contacts have been collectively uploaded on the website by members who have joined in this initiative.
About AlmaConnect
AlmaConnect is a social network with a mission to power private alumni networks using technology, for bringing them together as a group & connect in a meaningful way. Hundreds of universities & schools have adopted us to Connect with their alumni and hundred thousand alums, students & faculty members are already using AlmaConnect to:
  • Re-Connect & Catch up with batchmates, seniors & juniors
  • Revive old memories
  • Know about what’s happening at the campus
  • Help each other in careers by advising & referrals.
  • Stay up to date with alumni achievements & important updates
  • Give back to the Alma Mater & students
Our people
We're a team deeply passionate about relationship & further deepening them. We have been very fortunate to be backed by institutions & illustrious people who care about the cause.
Our mission
We believe there is great joy in Re-Connecting with people from the same Alma Mater & that it is not just restricted to a temporary emotional high but it significantly contributive in our social & career dimensions too. Our mission is to use technology & empower alumni communities to deepen their relationship & come together as a group to contribute & care for each other.
Core values
  • Nurture & Value Relationships
  • Transparency, Privacy & Loyalty Matters
  • We are for Communities
  • Contribute & help each other
  • Give Back to Alma Mater
Our manifesto
  • We love our Alma Mater & care for it.
  • We believe our Alma Mater has played an important role in shaping us & our careers.
  • We value those old & gold days & romanticize those memories.
  • We believe alums can become the strongest pillar of an institutions.
  • We believe identity in an alumni group is of utmost importance.
  • We care about an individual alum being welcomed & accepted in the group irrespective of any other fact.
  • We are all about using technology to bring closer people.
  • We are for alums helping each other just for the joy of giving back.
  • We are for alums being the support line for students in making their career decisions.
  • We are AlmaConnect, Your biggest supporters in bringing alumni together & closer.
We at AlmaConnect, ardently value privacy of each member & understand the sensitivity of data protection. We acknowledge that members share trust with each other and may share information which they may not want to be accessible publicly. And in continuation have taken the following steps to protect information:
  • Members need to verify their identity in order to become a permanent member of an alumni network
  • Institutes have been given high priority in verification & vetting processes
  • The website has been encrypted by HTTPS
  • Internal security measures are taken within the company
  • Your private information is kept safe from advertisers.
You can know more about our Privacy by visiting Privacy Policy
AlmaConnect Guidelines for Members
In our mission to deepen your relationships, you the members play a critical role in ensuring that you inspire folks with love, care & respect for each other. And in order to work towards this endeavor we have laid down a few guidelines for all members which is critical to achieve our goals.
Treat everyone with respect
  • Assume good intentions in others and give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Disagree without being disagreeable; focus on issues, not personal attacks. Do not use profanity.
  • Practice moderation and do not over post in a way that dominates conversations.
  • Send private messages or post to a Group when a limited audience is more appropriate.
Contribute towards the community
  • Answer fellow members’ queries.
  • Ask for requests & advice.
  • Share about your or other alum achievements.
  • Host & participate in alumni events.
  • Refer alums for jobs, networking wherever you can.
  • Share about your past memories and upload old pictures.
  • Support students in their career planning & coursework.
  • Support folks in their initiatives.
  • Last but most important Appreciate people for their contributions.